Campus Reel: A Way to Visit Colleges From Your Couch

Visiting and touring college campuses is a crucial part of the college research process. It is the best way for a student to get a sense of the type of campus where they want to live and learn. However, with over 3,000 four year colleges and universities in the United States it is often unrealistic, not to mention unaffordable, to visit every school in person.

Campus Reel provides a way for students to virtually 'visit' a college from the comfort of their home.

Campus Reel is website with a collection of videos produced by real college students offering authentic and honest insight into their school and a lens onto campus life. Users can create a free account and watch videos on over 300 colleges and universities across the country.

Each Campus Reel video features multiple videos, each 2-3 minutes long, made by a current student. The videos show a wide array of information about the school often including: a day in the life of a student, the dorms, dining hall(s), weekend/night life, sporting events, libraries, etc.

Because the videos are produced by actual students, and not the university outreach centers, the information shared is real and honest. Students making the videos will share what they like and what they don't like about their school. It's not all rainbows and unicorns.

Campus Reel cannot, and should not, replace an in person tour of a school that a student is seriously considering attending. However, it is a great way to start researching, learning about, and exploring schools that could be a potential best fit.

Have fun exploring at!

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